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Luxury Tour

This for those who want to enjoy the Ghanaian luxurious life style. Sleep in the best hotels. Travel to places by plans. Enjoy games of luxury such as golf and tennis. Swimming in pools etc. visit to the exotic places in Ghana. Being a king for a day. Best ride in the best cars, eat in the best restaurants.

Social Tour

A package design for permanent or long term residence of our country. For individuals who intend to stay longer and want to know their way around their environment, city etc. For ambassadors, expatriates etc. Know the shortest routes, the best place to get stuff and get stuff done, the process of doing things right in Ghana etc


Take an adventure into the wild. Have a stay at any of the forest reserves. Take the chance to make an opportunity to see rare animals. A once in a life time experience. Adrenaline and Goosebumps come to play. Danger and adventure. Site include: shai hills, Kakum and Mole Park

Educational Tour

Take an educational trip to factories, industries or educational institutions for more insight into their dealings. Tour may include a visit to cocoa research to know the products of cocoa or cocoa processing to know what goes into the processing of cocoa or University of Ghana to witness the difference and similarity between your nations universities and our premier university.

Beach Tour

We cover every breach. From shore to shore. Enjoy the best beaches with backpackers.


Our rich history comes with festival each tribe. Travel to each region as your experience the festival train. Taking you to every known festival

Religious Tour

For those who intend to come for religious purpose. Visiting a church or Mosque? We are there to help. Visit our grottos, shrines, churches etc


We revisit the past through the remaining relics and stories. Tour the sites and experience exactly how slave trade and colonialism was done.


Visiting and don’t know what to do and where to go? We have a calendar of event for you to explore.

Regional Tour

Pick a specific region and we will give you an experience of a lifetime there. Visit schools, attractions, and know everything about that region with backpackers.

Attraction Tour

Tour the best of Ghana’s attractions with backpackers. We cover every attraction from North to South, From region to region and city to city. Enjoy the best of Ghana’s attraction with backpackers.

Day Tour

Pick from our range of tours in days. From a day tour in Accra to 90 days tour of Ghana. The number of days determine sites, places, and level of adventure you will be involved in.