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The Asafotufiam Festival is celebrated by the chiefs and peoples of Ada in the Eastern region of Ghana.  Asafotufiam celebrates the victories won by the warriors of Ada years ago. Furthermore the festival is meant to usher the people and the land into a new harvest season. There is a durbar put up by the chiefs and process in their beautiful and colorful palanquins followed by traditional military groups termed the Asafo Companies. After the drumming and dancing, libation is poured and prayers are said to ask for guidance and protection and thank the gods for the blessings in the previous year. They perform a local dance called Kpatsa to entertain the chief and the people. The festival is celebrated in the first week of August every year

The name “Asafo-tu-fiam” consisted of three word name components. The 1st. component name is “Asa”; which is the plural of “Sa”; a noun. When the spiritual title “Sa” become as a member title “Asafo”, it turned to be an adjective, which means ; An Ordained member of “Osa” Spiritual Doctrine. “Osa” is the singular of “Asa”.

The 2nd. component word name of “Asafo-tu-fiam” is “Tu”. “Tu” is the name literally given to a “gun” or a “pistol” in the Ga-Adangbe language. The 3rd. component name of “Asafo-tu-fiam” is “Fia” or (“Fiam” as a slang), meaning ; Slap, by means to Shoot, Shot at, or Shooting. “Tu-fia” or “Tufiam” literally mean ; slapping an object by means of gun shooting. Therefore, the full meaning of the name “Asafotufia” or “Asafotufiam” is that ; The Ordained Osa Spiritual Doctrine practitioners gun shootings. Philosophically, the evokes of the ordained “Divinity Osa” Spiritual Doctrine warriors. IT IS BELIEVED THAT, THE ANCIENT NUBIAN DIVINITY “OSA” OR “MENSA”, WAS THE GREEK CALLED “OSIRIS”. HE WAS THE ANCIENT HUMAN KNOWN THEN AS THE HUMAN GOD SYMBOL.