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Backpackers is your one stop shop to exploring Ghana. Get the information you want. Ask the question that baffles you and receive the answers as quickly as possible. We are your ears and eyes to your destination; Ghana. We work tireless to ensure that you will enjoy your stay whether it is us taking you on the tour or we directing you on your way. Backpackers is your window to Ghana.
Know the best places to visit, the best restaurants, best routes to take, less costly options before you arrive. You can decide to tour with us which will be your best experience. That is what we promise. An experience worth it. No matter your budget we have a treat for you. At Backerspackers, we present to you our nation, for your pleasure.

To provide quality tour services to tourist to and from Ghana.

To become a well-recognized competitor in the tourism industry.

Daniel Nyarko is the founder of Backpackers with the mission to help travelers to Ghana plan and have the perfect trip. Prior to founding of Backpackers, he worked for a couple of Hotels and Hostels in Ghana and Government agency such as the National Commission on Culture.