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Luxury(King for a day)

This for those who want to enjoy the Ghanaian luxurious life style. Sleep in the best hotels. Travel to places by plans. Enjoy games of luxury…

Regional Tour

Pick a specific region and we will give you an experience of a lifetime there. Visit schools, attractions, and know everything about that…

Educational Tours

Take an educational trip to factories, industries or educational institutions for more insight into their dealings. Tour may include…


We revisit the past through the remaining relics and stories. Tour the sites and experience exactly how slave trade…

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About Us

Backpackers is your one stop shop to exploring Ghana. Get the information you want. Ask the question that baffles you and receive the answers as quickly as possible. We are your ears and eyes to your destination; Ghana. We work tireless to ensure that you will enjoy your stay whether it is us taking you on the tour or we directing you on your way. Backpackers is your window to Ghana.

To provide quality tour services to tourist to and from Ghana.

To become a well-recognized competitor in the tourism industry.

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